So,  the other night our tv & wii system got taken out by lightening.The insurance deductible wasn’t much help as it was $1,000.

So, we moved a small tv from our bedroom and placed it in the family room and called the satellite service to come out because we couldn’t get a signal.The service  tech guy comes out and fixes the tv.We leave to grab lunch and come home and it doesn’t work.We had instructed the boys not to touch the tv.We give the tech a call and in the meantime my husband and oldest son decide to try and fix it themselves.So , after coming in and out of the house a couple dozen times.Hollering to each other about which connections work and don’t.A big process of elimination figuring out which wires go to what in the house and an hour or two later, my husband decides to ask my  son if he tightened up the wall socket after we had left the house to grab lunch.He says yes and low and behold that was the problem!! The connection in the wall was loose.!Mystery solved.Now, comes phase two.My oldest son wanted to take apart the old tv box to “see whats inside”.Well, curiosity is great.But he came out of his room with the hard drive in his hand wanting to install it in our main home computer.While I appreciate the sentiment of wanting to add more memory.I’m leaving this one to my husband and guarding the computer in the meantime and missing the days when all the kids wanted to do is make robots out of boxes and tinfoil !