Banana Icing Friday, Aug 20 2010 

Banana Icing
Pulp of 1 banana
2 cups confectioners sugar
Mix well for 2 minutes.

Will frost 1 layer cake,16 cupcakes or 1 birthday cake.

Will keep moist for long time.Can be tinted.


Cake Chart Friday, Aug 20 2010 

8″ round makes 8 servings
9 ” round makes 8 to 10 servings
8 inch square makes 6 servings
9 ” square makes 6 to 8 servings
13x9x2 makes 22 2 inch squares and 12 3″ sqaures
9″ or 10″ spring form cake or torte makes 10 to 12 servings

“Common Buckeye”After the Rain Swarming Thursday, Aug 19 2010 

Orange Morning Glory Thursday, Aug 19 2010 

Some Couponing Websites/Blogs Wednesday, Aug 18 2010 

Looking through some couponing blogs this Morning .Can find great ideas there sometimes  not just for couponing but recipes for once a month cooking…..

Tuesday, Aug 17 2010 

Hollyhocks Monday, Aug 16 2010 

My love for Hollyhocks started when I was looking through a website called :

All of the different colors captured me and I was fascinated how quickly it looked as if their garden evolved so I decided to try some seeds that a generous gardener shared with me on Gardenweb called Country Romance.And also ordered some through a website of a woman who has been growing them on her family farm for years called are a few pics to share.I save our seeds and resow them from year to year.

Tennessee Dancing Gourd Monday, Aug 16 2010 

These gourds grow from 1 to 5″ and are used by crafters and also make great spinning toys for kids.I bought my seeds from are fun to grow.

Saving Money on Produce Monday, Aug 16 2010 

When it comes to  saving money on produce there are many ways out there to preserve what you buy but the best way to save is to only buy what you need and the following guide has been put to good use for our family.It helps to know how many servings you’ll get out of a pound of produce so that you don’t over purchase.

Snap Beans 1/2 cup serving         6 servings per pound

Brocolli  2 stalks   3-4 servings per pound

Brussels 1/2 cup 5 to 6 servings per pound

Cabbage Raw Shredded 1/2 cup 7-8 servings per pound

Cooked 1/2 cup 3 servings per pound

Celery Cooked 1/2 cup 3-4 servings per pound

Corn Cut 1/2 cup 2 servings per pound

Peas  1/2 cup 2 servings per pound

Peas 1/2 cup 2 servings per pound

Potatoes  1/2 cup 3-4 servings per pound

Spinach 1/2 cup 2 – 3 servings per pound

Squash 1/2 cup 2-3 servings per pound

Sweet potatoes 1/2 cup 3 servings per pound

Apricots 2 medium 5 servings per pound

Cherries cooked 1/2 cup 3 servings per pound

Plums 2 large 4 servings per pound

Rhubarb 1/2 cup 3 servings per pound

Apples, Bananas,Oranges & Pears 3 to a pound

Peaches 4  to a pound

Counting Bees Sunday, Aug 15 2010

A great project for the whole family.

Lemon Queen Sunflower

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